The Importance of Substituting Dental Implants for Missing Teeth

dental implant surgery example

Since there are many people who ask what a dental implant is, a description of one will be given to you prior to an explanation of why it is important to replace missing teeth. So, to clear up any confusion about what a dental implant is, an implant you get from a dentist consists of a small and sturdy screw that’s made of titanium and an artificial tooth or some other type of prosthesis. The procedure the dentist follows involves securing the screw to the jawbone by drilling it in place and then securing the prosthesis to the screw. The connection created is a strong one.

Implants that are provided by a dentist are often used to replace teeth that are damaged or missing, but they are also administered to make loose dentures fit more securely in the mouth. Why it is essential to replace missing or damaged teeth will be explained next.

To Enhance Your Looks

Not having a full set of teeth can be stressful because it may affect your appearance in a negative way. Losing one or more teeth can bring you down and take away your confidence. It can be emotionally draining, and it can negatively affect your performance at work and in life in general. It is comforting to know dental implants can bolster an implant recipient’s self-esteem. They can improve your appearance, and since they look so natural, no one will notice that they’re not your own teeth. The replacement teeth will look the same as natural teeth.

To Prevent Oral Health Problems

Losing a tooth quickly creates an imbalance in your dental anatomy and can effect your health. Shifting and slanting of the teeth adjacent to the space where a tooth once was occurs when you chew your food. Other problems can later manifest, and this is usually what happens if the imperfect arrangement of the teeth causes problems with chewing. When chewing becomes problematic, more teeth are lost as the years pass, and bone loss becomes an issue.

To Prevent Discomfort

After losing a tooth, you may find that food easily gets stuck between the empty space and the tooth next to it. If the food is hard, you may experience discomfort. Sometimes people who have this discomfort stop eating the foods they once enjoyed consuming to avoid feeling the pain. Not being able to chew your food correctly can have a negative impact on one of life’s many joys.

Although dental prosthetics and the correct implant has the potential to greatly improve the life of someone who has lost their teeth and is experiencing any of the problems associated with tooth loss, it is of vital importance that the procedure be done by a reputable dental facility such as a local dentist. The results of the procedure depend on a dentist’s skills, and since this is complicated surgery, you are advised to take no risks and choose your dentist wisely. Fortunately, the success rate of dental implants is almost 100 percent.